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Covington Creations: Steed Motorcycles
Established 1989

Due to the overwhelming number of requests, I've re-opened this web-site to you, the Steed Enthusiast, as a source for current updates and historical reference material. The Official Steed Online Store is now open once again and stocked with Steed Brand Clothing and merchandise.

I'd like to personally thank each and every one of the Steed Motorcycle owners for their encouragement and continued support during one of the most challenging chapters in my 20 year history in the American motorcycle industry.

In July of 2005 I “sold” the assets of the motorcycle manufacturing company I founded in 1989, along with motorcycle designs and processes to Patriot Motorcycle Corporation. I also licensed my brands, Steed and Steed Musclebike to Patriot while I was employed to oversee the Design and Development of street motorcycles for the company.

My short alliance with Patriot Motorcycle Corporation ended in October 2006 when I declined an offer from Patriot to “buy back” the motorcycle division they decimated in less than a year.

Directly due to the association with Patriot, 2006 was the last year of production of Steed Brand motorcycles.

We prevailed in our Federal lawsuit, finding Patriot Motorcycles Corp, guilty of Fraud, Trademark Infringement and Breach of Contract among other counts. Damages were awarded in March, 2009.

My passion and commitment to the American Motorcycle industry continues. I will personally respond to all inquiries regarding Bike Building, Service, Branding, Licensing, Product Design, Consulting, Marketing and Photography at my latest venture JC Studios LLC.

I truly appreciate your continued support of the Steed Brand.

Covington Creations: Steed Motorcycles Keep the rubber side down!
Covington Creations: Steed Motorcycles
John Covington, President


Covington Creations: Steed Motorcycles

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